Best Fps Games in History

Now that the genre of the first-person action is in full swing, we thought it was the perfect time to decide which was the best FPS of the history. However, from the editorial office, we will limit ourselves to choosing the main titles from the beginning of the genre to the present, leaving it to you to accept them. As always in 3DJuegos, you have the last word.

In 3DJuegos we will face an ambitious project in the coming months, and that is that we will try to collect the great genres of video games to choose the most significant and most abundant representative of each of them. However, unlike in other proposals of this kind, the particularity will reside in the fact that you are going to be yourselves, the readers, who will have the power to choose who is best in each type of Game.

What’s the best strategy game ever? What is the title of the role to be considered the most important of the genre? Questions like these are going to assault readers over the next few weeks on the pages of the magazine, and that is what we are going to put in your hands the responsibility of choosing which have been the fundamental, the most significant releases the best in the history of video games.

For you to choose them, we have chosen the titles of the genre that, in our opinion, have contributed more to advance the style throughout history. So from the first, Wolfenstein 3D of 1992, to The Last, 2007 Crysis, we offer you more than a dozen legendary first-person action video games that not only draw a very precise picture of how the genre has progressed, but are also the best video games that the style has given us since its inception.


It’s not the first shooter, but it’s the first to make the formula accessible. The reign of id Software in the shooter genre within the first half of the 1990s begins with Wolfenstein 3D, a video game that is the big “”culprit”” of the boom that continues to live this kind of games today. A release characterized by its simplicity and fun, and that with almost 20 years of life behind its back the best one can say about it is that it remains just as enjoyable now as it was then.

  1. DOOM

He perfected the Wolfenstein 3D formula to unsuspected limits. The beautiful state of form of id Software was demonstrated again with the first DOOM, a video game that collected the characteristic elements of Wolfenstein 3D but carried them far beyond the apparent change of context and theme. The hell of John Carmack and company was entertaining, and also the title later incorporated a multiplayer component via the internet that was one of the pioneers of the genre.


The irreverent sense of humor and the most vicious hero created a tendency with him. The 3D Realms boys were put on the map of the great studios with an impertinent and insolent video game-like few, which sought to face the great names of the genre of the first half of the nineties with a title that would mark the line to follow in the future. Aside from their certain playable quality, heroes had never been as macaroons as Duke, and until then we had not seen a sense of humor as brazen, sexist and tasteless as then and, of course, we loved it.

  1. QUAKE

The first great first-person shooter in three dimensions. In 1996, and with the release of Quake, id Software could only be defined as absolute mastery. The studio led by John Carmack had created with it three imperishable jewels that would mark for the rest of the studies the future of first-person action video games, and with this gothic, dark and gloomy title of action, they achieved one of the summits of their already veteran resume.”