Action Games News and Reviews

If last year has been a year with spectacular launches in the genre of action and adventure, with The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of nature at the head, this year does not seem to want to stay behind and will also leave us significant launches.

Despite being announced, tremendously expected games like The Last of Us: Part II or Beyond Good & Evil 2 will surely not be enjoyed in 2018. But that does not mean that they are less desired by amateurs than those on this list. It is a series of releases that will be distributed between the twelve months of next year, and that promise to keep players attentive to each news as it approaches its release date, and glued to the screen once they are installed on their different platforms.

What are the most expected action and adventure games of 2018?

  1. Darksiders 3

Mamporros the good with the return of this beloved franchise. Fury will be the protagonist of this third installment of Darksiders, recognizing the legacy of death and war. The game will try to regain the level of violence and spectacle from previous episodes, this time, to end the Seven Deadly Sins. It is now possible to book Darksiders 3.

  1. Days Gone

An apocalyptic future PL must of zombies in the open-world form will be the scene of this survival story. The title of Sony Bend has already revealed an exciting plot and mechanics that link pure action with stealth and quick response. A blend that makes it comfortable one of SONY’s most expected exclusive next year. It was now possible to book days ago.

  1. God of War

The Return of Kratos will undoubtedly be one of the most popular games of the year. The Ghost Of Sparta returns with important novelties, both argumentative and playable. On this occasion, Kratos will be accompanied by his son Atreus and will change classical Greek-Latin mythology to the Norse. But that does not mean that one iota of the personality that has characterized the lantern to date is lost. It is now possible to reserve God from war.

  1. Left Alive

Names as necessary in the industry as those of Yoji Shinkawa or Shinji Hashimoto are part of the team responsible for this new Square Enix project. Although at the moment, not much is known about it. A conflict shortly starring h wasuge light axis war machines on which the story of this game will revolve. It is now possible to book Alive.

  1. Monster Hunter: World

This Capcom game will be the first major title of the year in the genre. His proposal, with an enormous map to explore and great freedom of action, promises to bring all the elements that have made the Lantern a success to unsuspected limits. We don’t even want to think about how many hours fans will invest in this new hunt. It is now possible to book Monster Hunter: World.

  1. Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar has given little detail about this expected release, but knowing the developer, surely Red Dead Redemption 2 Mar one of the most active candidates for a game of the year in 2018. This short journey to the Far West, with shooters, forged and charismatic criminals like only the New York studio knows how to create, will be a work that conditions the calendar of the rest of the industry. It will certainly give a lot to talk about. It is already possible to book Red Dead Redemption 2.”