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    GM what u will do??
2013-02-12  17:42   ToYou888
i found Magical queen playing inside structure at savage , i alrady read the rules of conduct
if like this situation must suspended right ?...
  antham 2013-02-12  17:46  
like me 7days suspended ~_~''
  ToYou888 2013-02-12  17:49  
it's okay tham i revenge for you :)
  JameSonZ 2013-02-12  17:50  
waiting for suspended ya queen , sure WE missing you :(
  DoubleS 2013-02-12  18:29  
you cant kill me then you cry ?? i learn it from human :) so many human playing inside structure :) uncluding you :D
  ToYou888 2013-02-12  18:41  
Pelase be patient queen u will next..
  ToYou888 2013-02-12  18:44  
u just pot fill hp 100% ..nerd , i as sin for what i hide inside structure ?
  jeffchoo 2013-02-12  18:46  
-Wulala-, don't hide your nickname :P
  AssaKuraRoh 2013-02-12  19:14  
lols Wulala scare till hide ur name ? come on so childish and so noob. lose fight play SS to forum ?
MK learn from KR to bug inside there becoz of such noob player like u & Tham always hide in there and prepare to KS MK...
  AssaKuraRoh 2013-02-12  19:17  
ToYou888 let me make u understand
for what this ROW selling Almighty Potion?
ppl like Magical & Eric sure they will use pot cause they afford to buy.
so if u want to be strong so buy for yourself.. dont be jealous with other ppl. :D
  ToYou888 2013-02-12  19:19  
i don't mind win or lose , but now i want he got suspended, now i have a proof so prepare to say goodbye to indo guild okay ~~
  ToYou888 2013-02-12  19:20  
is that u PL ? wow
  AssaKuraRoh 2013-02-12  19:22  
to' JamesSonZ
Dont miss WE &
Maybe Magical just have an holiday for that 7 days
but sure WE never scare and i believe they are strong enough to fight KR
Hope soon u will find out later in SW and meet ???........???jr
  AssaKuraRoh 2013-02-12  19:23  
7 day Magical say Goodbye 7 seconds ??........?? say hi back to you :C
  ToYou888 2013-02-12  19:26  
MK win just cause out of number , if same numbers sure lose like that day,and KR lose because always not enough member support like caller,healer , and akkan always have complete,,
  AssaKuraRoh 2013-02-12  19:29  
hey Wulala u just come back play again, long time no see u..
But why u still so noob sin ever in ROW ? i prefer KelvinTheSin Guitars Awayspeed they improved so fast and scary make MK afraid.

bye xD ps: pls join SW dont like shemale just play SS to Forum ok :p
  ToYou888 2013-02-12  19:32  
children haha , guess u age 16+ i know its true,,
  AssaKuraRoh 2013-02-12  19:35  
to: ToYou888
u dont feel ashamed? u said MK out of numbers? u said KR not enough support. i think u never come SW war ever :(
KR have lots of cleric caller to make u guys always call for play tower...
let me make it short for u...
what u need is Eric & Qimak yes i admit it if Eric, Qimak ,Shean is Strong
win or lose is just a game for strong player like them and us.
but for u i advice u to use skirt and put on Lipstick and play barbie doll
thank you bye^^
  AssaKuraRoh 2013-02-12  19:37  
my age can sleep up ur mom..
1 word for you : KEPO
  ToYou888 2013-02-12  19:39  
bad BOY u so funny haha me was laugh now
  ToYou888 2013-02-12  19:40  
always MK 4 pt vs human 2 pt that not call out of numbers ? huhu idiot kwkwkwk children
  DoubleS 2013-02-12  19:47  
you say MK win cause out of number ? 1X SW KR have cleric 5~10(1pt 2~3cleric) + caller 5~10 ( 1 pt 3~4 caller) 1X SW MK 2~4life(1pt 1~2 life)+Caller 3~6(1pt 1~3 cakker) OMG :D
  ToYou888 2013-02-12  19:57  
totally , i not understand what u talking about ??
  ToYou888 2013-02-12  20:00  
WOW all indo jump one me kwkwkw :D
  AssaKuraRoh 2013-02-12  20:08  
because u are so annoying Wulala >>>
let me tell u why mostly ppl dont like player like you..
1st when u can KS ppl u feel strong and laugh
2nd when u got net cant do nothing u also laugh
3rd that why when u die ppl also laugh at u...
now i think that is normal for player like u many ppl dont like. it not because u strong but because how u act in game like a child player.. xD
  AssaKuraRoh 2013-02-12  20:12  
even i said my age can sleep ur mom u still laugh xD
now how u like a child cant even defense?
where is ur Dignity and u or me are a Child ?
  xxPLxx 2013-02-12  20:19  

What do you want from me silly boy??
  AssaKuraRoh 2013-02-12  20:20  
anyway i glad to see u in war... i think u meet up Magical already.
he say goodbye already for coming 7 days but he will say hi back to u at 7 sec xD
i advice u to make strong items or better u delete ur noob id and go play barbie doll...
what a cheat way and cheap way u tricky loser..
when u cant win MK u play SS and put in forum...
and bout potted if have money please buy help ROW make money. :P
  AssaKuraRoh 2013-02-12  20:32  
lols Wulala cant say nothing now ? it because what i says is true ?
u so noob sin player and u also play at inside structure same like Tham now u want report Magical it just becacuse u have been killed by him?
i hope GM will be fair in this case...
Anyway Magical ready to be Banned 7 days already but that no big deal...
we still here ready to fight u noob Wulala..
  kilerfull 2013-02-13  00:35  
Noob-if you do not know how to play then stop ^^
  kilerfull 2013-02-13  00:38  
humans also play within the structures with bug
  "" Do not talk to the GM ban or suspend players' "
  JameSonZ 2013-02-13  02:07  
TouYou888 just ignore u guys talk so much but its is nothing = no meaning :D
  ToYou888 2013-02-13  02:11  
i don't mind i win or lose i just want revenge for tham :D now my mission success AHAHHA >:D
  ToYou888 2013-02-13  02:13  
i farm my gold own ,i don't play real money like u , i spend my $$ to my life for my future not for this game , this game for i free only i playing :D AHHAHAHAHAHA
  Rapt0r 2013-02-13  05:19  
GM wont take any action . GM buzy wit vacation !!!! @@
  AssaKuraRoh 2013-02-13  06:12  
hey Wulala ur Mission is fail dont always laugh loser...
i told u already Magical say goodbye for 7 days but in 7 sec he say hi back to you again. so i think u understand what i said... but i see dont cause u are so stupid....
anyway we will make revenge for killing you and Tham xD
  ToYou888 2013-02-13  06:15  
  AssaKuraRoh 2013-02-13  06:17  

we talk always somethings and more meaningful than scumbag like you and Wulala... you help him reply in this forum it because ur the same loser like him... like to play inside structure. xD
  AssaKuraRoh 2013-02-13  06:21  
go ahead laugh Wulala... see how long you can laugh, pls join every single SW dont just laugh and hide like a chicken pok pok pok... you not in SW thats mean im right u just a loser just dare war at forum...

bye2 LOSER
  JameSonZ 2013-02-13  06:22  
haha creation u lucky i not SS u boom TenProBalk while u in structure , u think i miss that ? never i am alert about idiot akkan like u doing something like that .. but i let u slip , scare if war can't win without u :( no match
  JameSonZ 2013-02-13  06:24  
(sigh) =_=
  derp985 2013-02-13  06:29  
Loser creation talk so much but nothing can do , creation ever come to human side and say H human easy killed by me , wow such so pretender .. plss prove us creation nerd , i want u beat bravo coz u insult his post picture right ? ''WE o0o''
  infernal1990 2013-02-15  11:45  
is that wulala not see his name@@
  ahxiang 2013-02-20  11:41  
y me loging no hv thing come out ?
  stoperboy 2013-04-29  02:41  
this all GM mistake he make structure ppl can inside then when noob ppl report he suspended for 7day if cnt play inside why u make tht structure?? tell me GM wht your reason?

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