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    Sw-Team is coming 4 you
2012-04-29  22:05   Redchevy
Also recruiting active members lvl 60+
Main thing we want is people we can trust and to know how to have fun
  afrodisiak 2012-04-29  22:09  
-xXGrandiSXx- = noob rune

and surely someone will say go high war instead
  Redchevy 2012-04-29  22:14  
--OverRun= noob shadow

and surely people are waiting for this knife arm to be in high war hands and not low war :)
  Atrocity 2012-04-29  22:15  
Nice mates. proud to be in guild with you, would not play if it wasn't for you guys: )
  Atrocity 2012-04-29  22:16  
Oh yeah and Grandis = noob rune and go high war!!
  Redchevy 2012-04-29  22:33  
Haha......I agree bur for the go to high war... other then that wreck you missed out an agood pelvic.... hehe
  halusan 2012-04-30  07:28  
can i join your guild chevy? in 2 weeks i will get to lvl60 >.<"
  amazingryl   2012-04-30  07:33  
waaa nice guild,,hey me want join you guild can??
  hyperkill 2012-04-30  07:42  
too bad. im not in this ss :(
  Redchevy 2012-04-30  08:03  
Im not the master -PL- is and second hyper you wernt on lol but id be gald to tekate it and i will talk to pl so you guys can come :) and remember IM NOT THE GUILD LEADER OR MASTER!!!
  Shen0324   2012-04-30  08:49  
Wow, GZ you all have a
Nice guild huh...
Good to see you all in [L] War q(^__^)p
Anyway, Hope you guys can go to [H] War !
I will keep killing those who aim me in [L] war ;)

  Redchevy 2012-04-30  08:56  
Didnt i kill you alot -.-?? already lol you cannot compete with me, the only person that can is bahamut.. other then that no one can one hit me even with chant with pot maybe but gl! becaus a stronger knife arm is coming to you TM-Diao and your the first one i want to kill with it
  Shen0324   2012-04-30  09:05  
hehehe, Redchevy is a nice and pro player.
I can smell you have a strong skill.
I don't care you have a knife arm or nice skills.
I just want to have fun to kill ak'kans in war ^_^ ccccc
So, i hope i have a challenge in [L] War .
see you~ pro Ccccc~
  Redchevy 2012-04-30  09:41  
OK your one odd ball big time lol
But yes you are correct i am strong and have nice skills :)
but the only reason i am so strong is becaus my guild mates and my party support me when i need the help. Theres no such thing as being strong or skilled without a party. that is from yakushi you should have a good frnd that can teach you things and stick with them caus they will never let you down!
  Shen0324   2012-04-30  11:49  
有自信是好的 ^—^

  Atrocity 2012-04-30  13:35  
TM-Diao gd to have you in war: ) the more humans the more fun it will be for everyone in L.
  afrodisiak 2012-04-30  14:27  
@ TM-Diao good to know you have confidence, anyway my EQs aren't finish yet so good luck to try to kill him when its.

  Shen0324   2012-04-30  14:41  
@Atrocity , good to see u guys too~Well ,Ya more humans and more fun.
L war is still alive ^_^ cccc

@Gradis haha, yaya~ as fast as i can... i will take care myself too ^_^ hehe
  hyperkill 2012-04-30  14:58  
btw,can u on now chevy xD.. miss u xd.
  nscomp 2012-05-01  08:22  
all mk L war all noob they win coz so many but 1pt vs 1pt ,sure 100%

  Redchevy 2012-05-01  09:06  
Big mouth for a warrior that dies in one hit from a 65 knife arm andwho cant kill a shadow in hits unlike qimak can. Learn your place Sworder.
  bennyww 2012-05-01  09:30  
no sworder is pro, if he is able to wear his 90 war items on his lvl 74 warrior, I dont think you can even take half his HP. Just be glad he actually came down from H to save L war.

There's only this long L human can endure before all of them quit, and then you L akkans will have no one to kill anymore
  Redchevy 2012-05-01  10:10  
Ok then all i can say is i look forward to it and come get us :)
  Atrocity 2012-05-01  13:33  
Well I have a feeling that L war will have more humans soon ; )
  afrodisiak 2012-05-01  16:34  
my 1 skill can dmg sworder at least 5-6k and 2 skill he is on last 5% hp and my level is only 73 so once he reach 74 2 skill he will die :P
  Erenthe 2012-05-03  06:19  
WARNING for you guys, chevy always turn on when near around man... HAHA!!!

  Wasai19912   2012-05-03  10:00  
Ya, I knew. He almost like 2nd JOEY. He like to SPY in guild. Lol
  looooi 2012-05-03  13:03  
Never 1 hit kill u ?

I wan to try

I'm back

  Redchevy 2012-05-04  00:46  
Hmm sold my 65 armor :) all i ahve now is 70/75 with maybe 700 or 800 def? in totall and 3k hp :) even a 60 warrrior killed me haha!!!! but i wont go to war till my knfie arm is near doen :)
  DevilGhost 2012-05-05  03:19  
i'm already hv the money.. can i buy armor ofic lv 70?
  Redchevy 2012-05-05  06:15  
sorry mate in use atm and btw its gold not money... please pronounce it correcrly i dont want the g m's to think im selling my items for cash like paypal or what ever people use.. so from know on say gold when u mean cash and no not for sell you should have got it when you had the chance stick with the armor my templer has had... its already strong enough if u add bms and more hp to it.. other then that good by akkans
  DevilGhost 2012-05-05  06:51  
ohh i'm realy sorry, i dont know about that..
y i mean im already hv the gold now..
  Redchevy 2012-05-05  09:58  
its ok but as i said my equipment is nofr sell anymore sorry devil
  DevilGhost 2012-05-05  12:18  
oh its ok chevy,,thats my mistake..
if u want to sell it, please contact me..
hoho =D
  dajidali 2012-05-05  18:10  
L war im coming tooo ^_^
i was made H akkan i wanna see HOW pro akkan in L war

  Laiqualass 2012-05-05  22:04  

Trying to find attention? Unfortunately, NOBODY cares....
  Atrocity 2012-05-06  15:57  
Loool :D

Anyway I'll be happy to give you a challenge Marley;D
  Redchevy 2012-05-12  22:37  
marley your in for a treat im comming for you
  brutalle   2012-05-25  19:51  
I can join the association SW? I've always been active, even though I school kids who are 17 years ... after school ... I will continue online from 1:30 pm to 10 pm

Gold Box
EXP/Drop +50%
Holy Orb of Exp
EXP +30% / 1hour
Stone of rebirth
Redistribute stat points
95 Gunner   BAKI
95 Shadow   --SUN--
95 Attacker   Golden-Lion
95 Attacker   HaMikSu
91 Shadow   _Yakushi_
94 Rune   -Asuna-
94 Warrior   StyIe
95 Warrior   GUCCl
92 Life   --Calvin--
95 Sorceror   -Human
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