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    H war
2012-03-14  21:31   Atrocity
  danfer2 2012-03-14  22:53  
Im wondering why if there are manny one players and s2 lvling or hunintg map5, why you guys dont make an strong guild and pvp al the time can,i think akkans need a lider for to make a good guild and then you guys can dominate sw because mks are not out of number, just some ppl who think "oh, there will be 20 humans vs 10 mks, better i dont go" and like this one there are like 20 more thinking the same, first of all must change and start to play united
  asrey12   2012-03-15  01:44  
this H war is so crazy see human !! @@ so many human like ants
  Redchevy 2012-03-15  02:16  
How many times did u die wreck xD?
By the way I think its time you got a new helm that 60 wont cover for High war not enough def you can eazly add an extra 100 or 140+ if you put soem effort into it :)
  huskyvoice 2012-03-15  03:07  
If 4 Parties of [L] MK players all go [H] war without giving up growing his Char on the way, 2~3 month later, they can be a so helpful group to existing [H] MK players.
Just Expecting Dev's creative Patch is not a recommendable way, because they are so incompetency at handling Caldron Game ENGINE.
Until now, Dev had been doing is just increasing Guard 's Dmg and number. That's all. Because that is a easy operation.
  asrey12   2012-03-15  04:20  
Hey..Chevy..Did u sell ur pro scythe to General Store ???@@

What a Shame.....
  Redchevy 2012-03-15  07:29  
Ok... how you know about that.... and besidees soul did it to... so dont just blame me :( blame him to :)
  asrey12   2012-03-15  07:46  
Sorry Chevy i not mean to shame on u...i just wan to know about that..

Sorry Again ^^;;
  Redchevy 2012-03-15  08:13  
Haha you dont have to be sorry you did nothing wrong so take that back :) and im glad someone still know's me take care asrey12
  asrey12   2012-03-15  08:49  
  Redchevy 2012-03-15  08:57  
Im sorry to ask but how is it that you remember me? or at least tell me your char/ name and if so akkan or human?? I might have a better understanding of whom you may be
  asrey12   2012-03-15  09:35  
Im From sw team guild .....but Ex Guild only
  asrey12   2012-03-15  09:35  
Leader kick me 6month i off
  Redchevy 2012-03-15  10:02  
Huh... well if u want to become an sw member i can re invite you if its ok with my master pl but i wont be o nas much im not sure about soul or wreck i dunno what the deal with sw is but i know there all great players still :)
  asrey12   2012-03-15  10:18  
ill Already lv87 !! sw member only from L war and who got H war ID for Mining or anything also can join because 1acc have L war lv and H war lv
  dddddddss 2012-03-15  10:27  
SW_GUILD in L are pieces of scrub anyway
  Redchevy 2012-03-15  10:50  
And i care why?
  nomeacuerdo 2012-03-15  10:54  
humans why u dont make balance in h war all scared loose medals from towers ???

  asrey12   2012-03-15  10:55  
wyeah man why tell me what's ur reason
  jeffchoo 2012-03-15  14:59  

hoho, of course pro _docde, you and your guildmates are the best of the best in war

btw, it is sw_team not sw_guild you dumbass
  Only20cm   2012-03-15  16:31  
Maybe Akkan need ME 21cm to be a guildmaster =)
invite all pro and active members.
Specially Pro and active GUILD MASTER !
  pornographic 2012-03-15  16:57  


You cant even beat an ecahnter in duel, LMFAO!!!
You just bunch of newb :)
  Redchevy 2012-03-15  19:37  
I agree with Pornographic you really arnt just top notch or good.. you need to udnerstand more of what a sin is about lol
  Only20cm   2012-03-16  02:08  
Zzz, nonsense .
You guys can't even beat me down on 1-1...Event Enchant and sorcerer.
Right? LOL
So please don't call me newbie / noob, You don't even pro in skill playing.Just know Pay and Buy pro items.
And i no need to know what is a Sin !
So what? You can't beat me down on 1 on 1.
Don't say this is PVP GAME.
i would like to Wait you 1 on 1 anytime in my akkan side, just pm me ^_^
Bye Bye ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  asrey12   2012-03-16  02:41  
Ya..i agree with Chevy

  Redchevy 2012-03-16  03:21  
So then.. i can grab my 89 rune off? that has over 10k hp.... 1.4k def? and hmm pretty much all magic dmg no chant but weponenchant and all int? and you can beat me ?? i would LOVE!!! to duel you
  Only20cm   2012-03-16  04:34  
I dislike to listen nonsense.
I'm waiting for you. =.=
  Redchevy 2012-03-16  05:33  
Great :) oh and did anyone know that _Yakushi_ is comming back within 2-4 months :O
  Atrocity 2012-03-16  13:31  
Hi Chevy, how are you? feeling better? Miss you here: )
  asrey12   2012-03-16  14:55  
Hey Soul and Wreck where ur another friend??
His name FrenTherion
  Atrocity 2012-03-16  16:29  
Well Frentherion is RedChevy :D

Soul hasn't commented in this thread.
  Redchevy 2012-03-16  17:20  
Wreck I FInally got your attention lol and yes frenTherion is me i just dont go on him as much anymore thats all and i havn't been sick just been doing some stuff that kept me from playing, also so nice!!! to hear from you!!!!!
  777killer 2012-03-16  20:12  
AngelZtone become pro u all[human] wait..
AngelZtone change the world to darkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk...
21cm too..
  asrey12   2012-03-17  01:10  
I see FrenTherion is u chevy..anyway i miss him xD
  Redchevy 2012-03-17  01:23  
Lol, Thanks asrey12
  asrey12   2012-03-17  06:16  
LOL..You're Welcome ..:D
  sansero 2012-03-18  05:49  
it was 2pt V 2 pt...
  Laintime   2012-05-01  15:48  
hi , can i ask smthg , is there any malaysian player ? 
  killerjosh   2012-05-26  05:54  
ramai btol human
  DemonCute 2012-08-07  04:14  
Many human is creazy war :s Akkan never Winner H War Ts
  KingCrazy   2012-11-02  06:56  
wew so many human

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